What is FFV?

FFV stands for Faith & Family Values. In our efforts to meet and exceed the USCCB Guidelines for investing, the FFV Scorecard® was created. The FFV Scorecard ® is a methodology used to measure companies for Socially & Morally Responsible Investors. In 2006, Trinity Fiduciary, the advisor to Epiphany Funds, started to focus on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and its subset, Faith-Based Investing. The FFV Scorecard™ was created to introduce an industry standard for comparative analysis purposes within the Socially Responsible investment arena so that investment results would be repeatable. The FFV Scorecard is Objective, defined, and reviews companies’ performance in four pillar areas:

  1. Life and Family
  2. Social Justice
  3. Environment
  4. Corporate Governance

The goal of this filtering process is to find companies that are focused on promoting a sustainable product or service in a sustainable manner for years to come. Epiphany Funds’ Management talks with corporate management, votes proxies, and use shareholder actions to improve companies’ scores for the main purpose of increasing their shareholder value.

We work with institutions and advisors to apply the FFV Scorecard ™ to their investment program. We have complete ability to make adjustments to financial portfolios that align with customized investment strategy and financial goals.