Moral Investing

Epiphany Funds focuses on the Morally and Socially Responsible Investing subset, Faith-Based Investing. There was no standard definition or standard index surrounding Faith-Based investing until Trinity Fiduciary created The FFV Scorecard ™. This scorecard now aids in tremendous research to prove the positive correlation between Socially Responsible Investing and financial return.

Through a highly-integrated investment process, we take a practical, objective, and informative approach to Faith-Based investing. Faith-Based investing is defined as two things:

  • Investing in companies that are fiscally conscious and responsible when spending their money.
  • Investing in companies that act as a responsible shareholder: including voting shareholder proxies and joining shareholder efforts, where appropriate.

When we work with our clients to invest in a Socially Responsible Manner, we focus on two pieces:

  • Managing the portfolio to seek market returns for their investment strategy
  • Managing the portfolio for a social return which is defined as being an ethical, socially and environmentally-responsible steward.

We execute our invest philosophy and strategy through a combination of our mutual funds.